New Hartham Park T2 Basebed: hard, durable bath stone for the application of exposed weathering courses

Lovell Stone Group Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of the new Hartham Park Bath Stone T2 Basebed.

We have been prospecting for a bed of Bath Stone more suited to the application of exposed weathering courses at our Hartham Park Bath Stone underground quarry. Last year we undertook extensive core sampling at the quarry to investigate the potential of the lower tiers and the preliminary test data provided encouraging results.

Over the past six months, we have invested in major mine development work at Hartham Park and developed a prototype chain to enable the efficient cutting of the hard T2 Basebed by the Fantini chainsaw. And, since early Summer, the team have been busy extracting the new bed.

The initial 50m3 of extracted block was processed in-house at the Lovell Stone Group works; giving us an excellent understanding of yields, quality and expected finished bed heights. A wide range of samples were selected and submitted to Sandberg’s for comprehensive testing. A full suite of test data is now available; the results show a hard, durable Bath Stone with good shell content which exceeds the performance of other Bath Stones currently available when tested to 56 freeze thaw cycles in accordance with BS EN 12371:2010.

The Hartham T2 Basebed is available in a consistent block height of 850mm, yielding 750mm high when finished and will be competitively priced for the market. We have good availability of the block in stock and samples are available on request.

For more information please contact James Hart

Picture: Adrian Boniface, Command Supervisor, Hartham Park Bath Stone

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