Natural Stone; the low carbon building material

Our Technical Sales Manager, Simon Willmott, explores the benefits of natural stone as the low carbon alternative in the Construction Industry.

With the construction industry facing an incredible challenge to reduce the amount of carbon each project creates, it's time to look at alternatives to huge carbon producers like concrete.Fortunately one answer is not only under our feet, but is in front of our eyes - Natural Stone.

With CE/BS marking providing assurance of the stones performance, whether it be resistance to slip/skid, vehicular traffic or shear load that is required, you can select stones that are inherently suited to your project requirements.

Natural stone is not only incredibly hard wearing but also has an extremely low carbon footprint. The carbon benefits of using natural stone cannot be overstated - with an average 76% carbon saving being achieved when compared to man-made cement based products.

Financially, the lifecycle costs of natural stone are far superior to man made alternatives - natural stone paving has a design life in excess of 50 years where as cement based paving will lose its aesthetic appeal in as little as 10 years.

There is also evidence that a higher quality town centre attracts increased rent and capital values. Add in the fact that after 50 years natural stone paving will still have a value as a reclaimed material and the financial benefits are clear.

Three clear reasons why natural stone should be at the top of your materials list for all of your projects.

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