Wellington Monument stands at 175ft and is the tallest three-sided obelisk in the World. It was constructed to celebrate the Duke of Wellington's achievements and is a grade II listed building. The monument has been cared for by the National Trust since 1934 and they have embarked on a £3 million pound restoration project to fully repair it and restore it to its former glory.  

James Hart, Sales Director, and some of the team involved with the project from Lovell Stone Group had the unique opportunity to visit the restoration work whilst the scaffolding was still in place. We have supplied over 100 tonnes of our sawn and shaped Chicksgrove limestone to the Sally Strachey Conservation team who are working and fixing the stone on-site; of which over 39 blocks of Chicksgrove form the Pyramidion. We were extremely fortunate to enjoy a sunny, calm day  -  the views were stunning at the top.