Hartham Park is the oldest Bath Stone quarry still operational today, dating back to 1810. It's one of the stones used to build the ancient City of Bath and is one of our most iconic British Stones.  Since taking over the quarry from Hanson in 2016, we have invested heavily into the infrastructure to ensure the continuity of both the quality and quantity of stone is able to meet the market demands for Bath Stone. 

We are busy constructing a new drive in drive out shaft, which should be ready early in 2019, as historically the stone has been winched up to the surface up a 30 degree slope shaft. We supply raw block stone to masonry companies, who process the product to the desired end product. This new shaft will enable us to improve efficiency and capacity at Hartham Park, ensuring we can meet the long term market requirements. 

We've also just accepted delivery of a new Fantini Saw which arrived in January and is currently waiting to be commissioned. This chain saw machine has come from Spain - taking almost 9 months to build, weighing in at 14 tonne and costs almost as much as house!