The Boodles Secret Garden, designed by British landscape designer Thomas Hoblyn, has been awarded a Silver Gilt Medal at the first autumn Chelsea Flower Show. 

The beautiful show garden is inspired by the children's story 'The Secret Garden' by Francesca Hodgson-Burnett. It's the inaugural Chelsea garden for the jewellers Boodles and is a celebration of British craftmanship and contemporary design.   

The garden has naturalistc planting with plants and shrubs linking directly to the recent film and hints of Boodles pink in the inner beds. The stunning hand-crafted louvre wall has been crafted by the renowned furniture maker Jan Hendzel Studio from sustainably sourced oak and timber.

Lovell Stone Group were delighted to supply our British Chicksgrove paving and bespoke steps for this garden; the selected Chicksgrove pinneybed is a stunning creamy white limestone with a delicate warmth which contains the occasional fossilised shells. 

The Secret Garden is a delicate, harmonious interpretation of a journey to an enchanted, life-changing sanctuary; restoring and enhancing life after uncertainity and crisis and space to heal and move forward. 

Sponsored by: Boodles  

Designed by:  Thomas Hoblyn 

Bulit by: The Garden Builders